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Primer: Made In The '90s Tour - New Zealand

Primer: Made In The '90s Tour - New Zealand

Annabel Kean / Tuesday 11th February, 2020 12:02PM

Despite most of these artists hitting their stride around the time I was learning to walk, that just so happened to be the same time I was learning to dance. At age seven I performed a lip-sync of Ja Rule and J Lo's 'What's Love' to my entire class, two years later I had my hair braided into cornrows (my culturally appropriative low-point), and by the end of primary school I had attended my first concert: 50 Cent. That's to say, the acts on the bill for Made In The '90s this March were all key players in my burgeoning love for all things hip-hop and RnB, and responsible for some of the top tracks to come of the late 90s and early 2000s scene. Although you might not instantly recognise the names Blackstreet, Next, All-4-One, Mario Winans or Renee Neufville, I'm willing to bet at least one of these artists was the catalyst for children of the '90s learning to body roll and booty bounce at a worryingly young age. Just call me Mr. DJ, some of these hits will hit Too Close to home – and I Don't Wanna Know if you haven't heard of them. No Diggity.

UPDATE 19/02/2020: Made In The 90s has been postponed to June due to unforeseen scheduling difficulties...

Made In The '90s
Wednesday 24th June - Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland (new venue)
Tickets available via Ticketmaster

Blackstreet – 'No Diggity' has not once stopped being a banger since it hit the airwaves in 1996, when it clearly made quite the impression on Aotearoa as it topped charts here and only one other country, knocking out school disco favourite 'Macarena' from its 14-week reign. Blackstreet alone are a massive drawcard for Made In The '90s, appealing to both those who were alive for their heyday, and the teens who first heard 'No Diggity' showchoir-style in Pitch Perfect.

Favourite lyric: Attracting honeys like a magnet, giving 'em eargasms with my mellow accent

Next – Everybody's favourite song about public erections 'Too Close' will no doubt lead to a new record for the number of people bumpin' and grindin' in the Aotea Centre at one time. Once again, New Zealand was one of just a handful of countries where this Next track made it to #1 in the late '90s. Despite in its essence being a filthy boner song that samples a wholesome Christmas rap song, 'Too Close' has held its own as a slow-jam dancefloor filler for more than 20 years.

Favourite lyric: You're dancing like you're naked Ooh, it's almost like we're sexing

All-4-One – Did anyone else's year seven boyfriend lip-sync 'All My Life' by K-Ci & JoJo in front of the entire school? We can't all be so lucky, but All-4-One's Made In The '90s performance of 'I Can Love You Like That' will be the closest you can get to the real thing. In the same soft focussed realm as Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey, All-4-One will make you realise you deserve better, and Jamie, Delious, Alfred, and Tony are the only men for the job.

Favourite lyric: You like romantic movies, you will never forget, the way you felt when Romeo kissed Juliet

Zhané’s (a portmanteau of members Jean and Renee) hits were pure in their purpose: Get people relaxed, dancing and partying ‘til dawn, made crystal clear by music videos consisting of parties way too cool for me to ever be invited too. So cool in fact, the duo somehow make asking the DJ to play the same song on repeat all night acceptable and encouraged party behaviour.

Favourite lyric: Maybe I'll browse, snatch up the blouse, rip the foul, and get rub-a-dub style

Mario Winans – More than a decade before Mario Barrett made his commercial debut with 'Just A Friend', there was a sadder, more heartbroken Mario: Mario Winans. He went all out on betrayal track ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’, making many tweens reflect on non-existent relationship turmoil while listening to Mario’s lovesick croon, Puff Daddy’s bars, Fugees samples, and Enya backing vocals. He really went above and beyond.

Favourite lyric: Gave you extra cheese, put you in the SUV, you wanted ice so I made you freeze


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Made In The '90s
Sat 13th Mar 4:00pm
Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland