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Alae Share Single / Video 'Said Too Much' + Interview

Alae Share Single / Video 'Said Too Much' + Interview

C.C. / Friday 12th March, 2021 2:17PM

In sync with Tāmaki Makaurau's return to unrestricted live gigs at Alert Level 1, Aotearoa soul-pop crew Alae unveiled their latest creation at midday today to help you bop freely into the weekend. Entitled ‘Said Too Much’, the candid new song tackles as its topic the dangers and merits of speaking your mind possibly a bit too openly, showcasing Alex Farrell-Davey's flawlessly smooth and forthright vocals, set against a groove-heavy sonic bedding courtesy of production whiz Will Henderson, who also worked on CHAII's storming 'WOW (Look At Me)'. The new tune seemed like the perfect opportunity to hit up Farrell-Davey for a potentially scandalous pull-quote or three — hit play on ‘Said Too Much’ and dive into our rapid-fire Q & A below...

Hi Alex, congratulations on the new single and video! I find the theme of 'Said Too Much' to be very relatable, as I have much too often spoken my mind in an unintentionally direct or abrupt way in casual settings (and sometimes public ones). Were there any specific experiences that prompted you to write 'Said To Much'?

Not one experience, but many - it’s a common theme. I wish I had a moment, or an interesting story for this, but I guess the songs more about being ok with saying too much, and getting on with things. The unapologetic and kind of cheeky tone of the song kind of want’s you to be ok with it.

Do you sometimes feel like having said too much wasn't necessarily a bad thing?

For sure. It’s hard to know how to act or react, and some times it feels good to just let it out. Sometimes our honesty isn’t the most correct thing around though, so it pays to watch yourself. There’s only thing that’s worse than saying too much though - being passive aggressive!

Your video is directed by "some guy in New Zealand" — that's very mysterious!

For all intensive purposes, we can’t tell you the details, blank has asked to remain anonymous.

What was it like working with Will Henderson on the track?

Working with Will was great. He has an awesome energy, and loves what he does. It comes through in the work. He’s always positive, which is very helpful in a studio environment. I can be very self deprecating, so It’s nice when someone almost unconsciously gives you the support you need. He’s worked on lot’s of stuff, one of my favourites is a song he produced for CHAII titled ‘Look At Me’ (Kings and Lawrence Arabia were co writers in this track — it was an interesting bunch of artists to have writing together, and the end result was great).

'Said Too Much' is your second single since last year's Lucy's Mix Tape. Is it the beginning of a new phase for Alae?

Who knows, we’re open to anything. As we are, our music is evolving.

We're one of the few places in the world where live shows are currently still an option, although there's light on the horizon for the rest of the globe. How did Covid-19 impact on tour plans for Alae? Do you have any local gigs coming up?

Covid impacted us pretty heavily in 2020, it was hard, we had some really cool international gigs lined up and sadly had to say goodbye to them. I’m not gonna dwell on it though.


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