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Interview: Estère 'Archetypes' Tour of Aotearoa

Interview: Estère 'Archetypes' Tour of Aotearoa

Annabel Kean / Monday 3rd May, 2021 1:10PM

Estère has been flat out since releasing her third album Archetypes in January, curating her live performance, navigating tour postponements, and featuring in music videos. In the last two months alone she's been a part of a few massive line ups; Splore, the Wanaka Festival of Colour, and Pōneke's always stacked Newtown Festival. With five stops left on the tour to-do list, Estère put aside a slice of her downtime to answer a few questions from myself, so I could check in on how the album tour's been so far and how the Archetypes release cycle ticking along. Turns out, it's included hours of icy, underwater sunset shoots, and channelling the onstage Estère persona the audience has seen on every night of her tour. Here are the remaining dates and tickets for the Archetypes tour, with the full Q & A below...

Estère - Archetypes Tour

Wednesday 5th May - DIVE Music Bar, Dunedin *
Thursday 6th May - Wunderbar, Lyttelton*
Friday 7th May - The Plant, Blenheim (all ages)*
Saturday 8th May - East St Café, Nelson*
Sunday 9th May - Roots Bar, Takaka*

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Annabel Kean
: How's the Archetypes tour going so far?

Estère: It’s been a delight. I feel super privileged to be able to do each and every show. The audiences have been so lovely and supportive.

Would you say you have a musical persona? Is there a line between the artist Estère and the person Estère?

Yes there is a big line I think. In real life I’m quite reserved, a bit shy at first - not an extravert. When I perform, I need a ritual — I need to get into a costume, walk onto the stage, access a type of channeled energy that allows for me to transform into a performer that can give a big performance.

What's your relationship with astrology?

I love astrology! I like how it deals with archetypal personality types. I think it can offer anyone food for thought, regardless of whether they are into it or not.

Can you tell me about the 'Into The Belly Of Capricorn' music video? How did you find underwater filming?

It was in Taputeranga Marine Reserve in Pōneke. Paascalino Schaller and I went in with an underwater camera and were in the water at sunset for hours. Anyone that knows that area knows how freeeeezing it is. We were shaking. But dancing in the water like a mermaid spurred me on!

How did you link up with Stew Jackson? Are you a Massive Attack fan?

I met Stew via email, through a mutual friend of ours that I had worked with in Brighton. I love Massive Attack, I love the vibe of their music - they have such a distinctive feeling - it’s so ambient and melancholic, but very street and a real reflection of Bristol.

What is the Pōneke neo-soul community like?

I don’t know if there is a neo-soul community specifically in Pōneke, there are artists that are definitely influenced by neo-soul amidst other genres, and I think it can be quite an innovative scene. Most musicians here know each other and are mates, it’s pretty cool!

How do you feel about potentially touring in Australia and further abroad?

I am a bit of a nomad at heart, I love travelling and going new places — I don’t think I’ve ever felt properly home sick, so the prospect of travel is exciting — I’ll have to see about Australia, I’m still waiting and watching.

'Archetypes’ is out now on Blue Riot Records / Rough Peel Records.


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