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DEB5000 Drop Debut EP 'DEBUTANTE'

DEB5000 Drop Debut EP 'DEBUTANTE'

Annabel Kean / Friday 2nd July, 2021 11:56AM

Before we delve into DEB5000's debut EP, I'd like to address the supergroup of it all by mentioning band members Jessica Dew (Ralph, Kitsunegari), Steph Stuteley (Punchbowl, Cult of the Cobra, Natural Glow), Nicole Gaffney (Carb on Carb, Bitchmagic, Mammal Airlines, Moron Says What) and Ciara Bernstein (No Brainers, Blame Thrower, Dateless). With that out of the way...

What does the DEB in DEB5000 stand for? Deborah? Debt? Nay, it is for DEBUTANTE, the title of the quartet's very first EP and a fitting description for these high class aristocrats of the Tāmaki Makaurau music society. Lead single 'RATS' found itself in the SRN number two spot after it dropped one month back, and the full collection continues the theme of pests and foulness with 'Termite Queen' (Did you know termite queens can live up to 50 years?) and ode to IBS 'Bad Guts'. As these punk pros have established, DEB5000 are serious Keanu Reeves fiends, and they've sealed the deal with featuring 'Wyld Stallyn (Keanu)' as the second track on DEBUTANTE, singing about Reeves classics Speed, The Matrix, Johnny Mnemonic and probably others my keen-u ear didn't pick up. DEBUTANTE is dedicated to Reuben Winter, listen here...

And please admire this magnificent pooch on the DEBUTANTE cassette:

DEB5000's debut EP 'DEBUTANTE' is out now via Wrought Material.


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