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Guess Who's Coming To Town...

Guess Who's Coming To Town...

Tuesday 5th June, 2012 4:09PM

UPDATE: It's Grizzly Bear! The band let the cat out of the bag early, announcing the dates with a brand new single! Click here for all further updates about this tour including ticketing details.

As is always the case, when winter descends the tours tend to dry up but an extra special tour taking place later this year is being announced tomorrow night (Wednesday 6th June) at 8pm that will surely help you through the winter months.

The promoters have kindly let us release a few hints about the band in question to prepare you for the official announce...

This is an indie band who’ve been rumoured to tour here but, to the disappointment of many, never made it this far. They have a couple of critically acclaimed albums under their belts and will likely add another this year.

A little vague we know but go on take a stab - have a guess!

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