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Album Review: Sharpie Crows - 12 Omeros

Album Review: Sharpie Crows - 12 Omeros

Wednesday 14th August, 2013 8:31AM

When you first hear 12 Omeros, Sharpie Crows' third album, you are immediately welcomed and drawn in by the beautiful drifting rhythms of ‘(You’ve Got Your) Face On Straight’. The song smooths out the stress lines with its meandering slouch and slither approach -  like dub in the hands of some neurotic city dwellers. They then cheekily set you up for more of the same hazy comfort music with the piano intro to ‘Maypole’ before dissonant and jerky abrasion throw you sideways amid the sick caterwaul yelp of Sam Bradford before he bellows “I’ll tear your fucking throat out”. These are two of the more assertive extremes that the rest of 12 Omeros operates within, in all of its visceral, dread inducing glory...

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