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Interview: Mermaidens

Interview: Mermaidens

Thursday 26th June, 2014 2:18PM

Undersea dream-pop trio Mermaidens have their hands full as they head on tour tomorrow while simultaneously unveiling a brand new EP. Simply titled O, the release is a collection of tracks the Wellington three-piece have self-recorded in their practice space and follows in the footsteps their beautiful EP Bones, which they put out just this February. We caught up with the group to ask Seven Quick Questions while they packed their bags for their six-date jaunt (that includes two shows at secret locations) and they kindly made us a mixtape of their favourite ocean-themed songs….

Hi Mermaidens! Can you please introduce yourselves...

We are three ancient friends.
We are Gussie; guitar high end and vocals.
Lily guitar, sometimes bottom master.
Abe drums, deep throb.
We came together as a three piece at a naked party on Mein Street.
We make dreaming, doom and witchiness hold hands.

You guys started as a two-piece, how have things changed since Abe entered the fold last year?

We were all intentions and no actions before Abe came along. With his addition we gained momentum and drink more tea.

Can you tell us a little bit about you EP Bones that came out in February?

Bones was an EP of songs that we had been working on for a while and we felt they needed to be recorded. On a summer day our friend Fabian (guitarist of The Digg) helped us record in his sweaty living room, amongst couches and beds. We recorded over a day with breaks to go and swim in the sea at Island Bay.

It’s a really good snapshot of where were at that moment in time, and we still enjoy playing the songs live. Those were the lucky songs to make it through the year. All the other songs from last year have been left behind! Maybe someday they will catch up, but at the moment it just feels good to have them out of our system so that we can focus on new stuff!

This month we recorded a few songs ourselves in our practice space, which we are releasing as an EP called O tomorrow! The songs are very different from our last EP and the recording process was less sweaty.

How do the songs differ on the new EP? And why did you guys release a series of EPs rather than work towards an album?

The songs are a bit more outside our comfort zones. We also have been lucky enough to have our very talented friend Ike/Eskimo Eyes create a track for it, which will be something a lil' different.

Our EPs so far have been short and sweet. We spend a day recording a group of songs we have recently finished and then release them after a li'l mixin' and brewin', even if they aren’t perfectly refined. We are intending on recording a longer EP, or an album later in the year. Some boring, very silly factors like time and money have been preventing it so far.

When it comes to song-writing what is the thing you most want to convey?

Passing thoughts and natural elements. Our lyrics are pulled from notebooks of streams of consciousness. We often lean towards dark and strange notes and complicated structures. We seek music that we find interesting.

Why are two of the locations on your tour secret?

The best gigs aren’t at bars. We are going to put on some amazing shows at locations that are just slightly off the beaten track. We think our friends are some of the best people and we want to show them off. Everyone is invited; we just can’t advertise these places!

There will be houses, there will be forests, there will be streamers, there will be too many genres to count.

Listen to the trees.

What is your favourite ocean-themed song?

We couldn’t decide on one so we made an ocean-themed playlist.

Mermaiden's Ocean-Themed Mixtape:

1. Water Me – FKA Twigs
2. Undertow – Warpaint
3. Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark) – UMO
4. Sea World – The Phoenix Foundation
5. Down by the Water – PJ Harvey

Mermaidens are kicking off their tour tomorrow at Space Monster in Whanganui, where they will be supported by Man In Rug and Gains. Head over here for more information about the tour.


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