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Album Review
Blues From The Red Sons

Blues From The Red Sons
by Bloodnut


Review Date
20th September 2016
Reviewed by

If you can’t guess the theme here, you haven't been paying much attention at all. 
As overt as the lyrics are on this debut from the auburn Auckland artists Bloodnut, so too is the music - in both pace and tonality.

The distorted bass sounds vast throughout this album and blends very nicely with the guitar, meanwhile the drums thump along like a 10th century Scandinavian’s southward conquest. The production is spiffy and I’m inclined to believe (or maybe I just want to believe) that the bagpipes in album closer 'The Battle of Bannockburn Pt III' are the real deal and not MIDI-generated. Earlier track 'Fire Giant' almost treads the rhythmic territory of Nu Metal in its vocal line (sans superfluous DJs of course): a nice wee groovegasm for those who walk the riff-laden path to get raucous to.

There's a lot of Kyuss to be heard in Blues From The Red Sons, especially in terms of flow in the earlier tracks. There is also a firm nod to fellow NZ metal merchants Beastwars - from the vocal delivery of 'Drop Dead Redhead' to the opening riffs of 'Red Face Blues' homage is paid in full. The pentatonic melodies have a familiar bouquet, but if this be a flavour of your liking, then fill your goblet high with the red riffing wine.

Initially, the strict adherence to the lyrical theme can grow a little tiresome but as the album plays out, the sheer commitment demonstrated had me chuckling to myself.

 Overall, Blues from the Red Sons is on the party end of the stoner spectrum, and its definitely a stoner metal album. This is a good time, warrior drinking, horn waving (both drinking and gestural), head banger.


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