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Mellow Grave

Mellow Grave

Wednesday 27th April, 2011 10:07AM

Mellow Grave is a 2-piece consisting of Jordan Puryer and Adrian Bird, who both also play in Auckland band 1995. The pair started working together in Mellow Grave in early 2010, and since then have gained some positive recognition overseas. Vinyl LPs and Cassette EPs have been and are to be released through international labels, which is a unique achievement for any local band. UTR caught up with Mellow Grave to find out about their upcoming 12” release and what else is ahead.

What’s been going on lately for Mellow Grave?

We've played a few live shows here and there, and we're recording the last couple of songs for our 12" release at the moment...

We have also worked on remixes for some US bands, and produced beats for some Hip Hop acts.

Tell us a little about the overseas labels you’re working with...

Sibling Sex Records is based in New York (whom released our EP), Living Tapes is in LA (releasing our 12"). We've been offered to work with a few other labels in the US, and Europe, which we intend on doing over the next year or so.

Which market – overseas or local – do you prefer to concentrate on?

We haven't thought much about the local market yet but we're starting to think more about distribution locally, as we continue to release and receive more material back from overseas

What’s the response you’ve received so far?

It has been really positive, especially from a few key cities in the States, and Europe where there is a larger audience for this type of thing.

How would you compare/contrast Mellow Grave to 1995?

Aside from the two of us being in both bands, there is not much to compare. Musically they are rather different. MG started off as a side-project at first.. A way to kind of vent ideas that there were no way of achieving with the other band. Since then it's seemed to have taken on a life of it's own and has become something we have to juggle fairly evenly with '95.

Where do you find the time for both bands?

Don't sleep... When you really want to do something, I guess you create time for it. It can definitely be tricky fitting work and two practices into a day sometimes.

What are live shows usually like for Mellow Grave?

Currently incorporating live percussion, bass and guitar into our electronic set. Also visuals at times. Atmospherically it's rather cold and foreboding I guess, but there are definitely some uplifting moments in there. Rhythmically and sonically it's all over the show.

What is your writing/recording process?

We're both pretty in tune with each other’s tastes musically which makes for a fluid process of writing and recording. As we live in the same flat we are always working on something, rather than sporadic focused sessions, which works well for us.

How’s your 12” vinyl release coming along?

It's pretty much finished, and it'll be out soon. We have more releases planned before the end of the year.

Any interesting things that have happened along the way?

Being picked up by labels via the internet has been interesting. Working on a remix for Designer Drugs has been great, and working with/meeting other bands we really like over seas has been a lot of fun. Having James Plotkin master our EP was rad also.

And why the decision to do a vinyl release? Will it be made available in other formats too?

This format was offered to us and we love vinyl. It'll be available digitally also.

How do you think things have changed since myspace went out and bandcamp came in?

With the arrival of Bandcamp, people no longer have to deal with a frustrating site that rarely worked well, and was poorly designed (myspaz). You can now get your tracks out there with no fuss through Bandcamp, who seem to be continually working to improve the site with simple access to the music always being the key goal.

Where do you want to be with Mellow Grave in a year’s time?

Going to go play some shows in the US, had a few offers to get over there and play with some bands we like. Continuing to develop our sound, whatever direction that may take us...

And finally, how do you feel about the overall state of music in New Zealand?

There are some amazing artists/bands around for sure. You just need to know where to look for them, which is half the battle in this country. FREE TIKI

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