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Guitar Wolf

Guitar Wolf

Thursday 8th December, 2011 9:04AM

Guitar Wolf are a bunch of pretty busy dudes. In between stealing your girlfriends and wearing leather pants better than anyone in the business they have also released nine studio albums, cameo-ed in a few science fiction movies and coined the term 'jet rock 'n roll' to describe their tongue-in-cheek, but also totally serious, brand of punk rock 'n roll. The band played New Zealand a few years ago leaving a seriously lasting impression on their audiences and return next week for a nationwide tour. UTR caught up with Seiji to discuss all things rock 'n roll, and you can read the intriguing and slightly lost-in-translation (which is half their charm) responses below. Hold onto your wives, fellas.

How is the new Seiji? Are you a stronger model now? How is your Jett Power?

Yes, I was born again by cyborg surgeries. The new jett engine is much more powerful than the previous one.

What has Guitar Wolf been doing since the last time you were in New Zealand? We miss you! OK!

Sorry we got to take care of the beautiful ladies around the world. We are so happy to be back in NZ.

How are Tory and U.G?

They are doing great, of course. Now U.G is a better guitar player than me.

Did the earthquake affect Guitar Wolf? What message do you have for Christchurch - they have had very bad earthquakes too. Will Guitar Wolf stop the earthquakes? Can Guitar Wolf repair the planet?

Recently I went deep into the core of th earth with my custom made drilling car which is even tolerant to the heat of magma. The magma is still burning hot. The mother earth told me she just sneezed. Human is such a small existence compared to the earth. We are vulnerable to the power of nature. However, love, courage and R&R! Keeping this in our heart, we move on. We are with you, Christchurch.

After all your travelling where are the wildest girls? And why?

All women who loved me turned wild 'cause I become wild. Sometimes it goes extreme. The woman I met in the deep jungle of Amazon went too wild. She tried to cut me into sashimi as she wanted to eat me fresh.

New fans in New Zealand are excited about Guitar Wolf - what should new fans know about Guitar Wolf?

Be warned. Get a rabies shot when you come see us.

What do young New Zealand people need to know about rock 'n roll?

Listen to D4 and The Datsuns. Watch Brues Lee and Elvis. And learn.

What are the five rules of rock and roll?

There are rules for the rock and roll band. First, the band has to have looks. Second, fighting spirit. Third, action. There is no fourth and fifth. Sixth, technic. The band is not qualified to stand on the stage if they don't have anything to watch at all. Even if the band can play the music well technically, there's nothing there if they don't have something special to catch people's eyes. Stir people's heart and your own.

Digital or vinyl? What is the best?

The best one would be vinyl in the end.

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