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Interviewed by
Courtney Sanders
Wednesday 16th May, 2012 7:58AM

Zambri are a sibling duo creating avant-pop / electronic music from - yep - Brooklyn, akin to the likes of Grimes or New York counterparts Gang Gang Dance. UTR caught up with Zambri to find out the basics about where they came from and where they're going.

How did Zambri form?

We were born into it, literally.

How did you develop your sound?

We began to create together out of instinct and because we were always together, shared a bedroom even!

For people who aren't familiar with you, how would you describe your sound?

To us, the music is part of the pop world as melody means a lot to us, but it has an element that sits on the outside - more avant-garde pop than mainstream.

You've released an EP, Glossalalia. Tell us a little bit about writing and recording this.

Glossolalia exemplifies a very fearless time for Cristi Jo and I. The process felt limitless, without a care in the world - just making music we wanted to make. It's aptly titled, because we felt the music embodied this spiritual ecstasy for us.

You released the EP on Kanine Records, a label that seem to be doing really interesting things at the moment. Tell us a little bit about your relationship with the label, why you decided to release with them and what other labels you think are doing particularly interesting things at the moment.

Kanine is a true blue indie. They care about music, period, end of story. When things are that simple, sometimes it works best. And, for us, they don't stick their nose in our creativity, which is really important.

You live in Brooklyn, which is an epicentre for creativity. Do you think it's always been a creative hub, or do you think Brooklyn is currently going through a particularly creative time? Why do you think Brooklyn is such a creative area?

I think because NYC is sometimes viewed as the capital of the world, people just tend to talk about it more. It could be that easy. But, there are beautiful things happening all around me over here. We are lucky to live in a space where there's access to art almost any way you turn your head.

Do you feel like you're part of a creative community in Brooklyn?

We definitely have a family of musicians we collaborate with and hang out with, and that's always growing too, which is comforting.

What other creatives or musicians do you feel akin in attitude and approach to?

The energy and positive fuck-all attitude of Death Grips is great. Super excited for the Micachu and The Shapes new record too.

What are you guys working on at the moment?

We are playing a lot, and starting to have fun with recording new ideas for our next album.

What are the future plans for Zambri?

Who knows what the future holds, thank GOD! We could wake up tomorrow and be an acid-house band....maybe we already are.

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