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Monday 9th August, 2010 12:48PM

Been around since?
Been doing this since about 1998 when I first borrowed a four track from a friend. The first INH release didn’t actually materialise until 2002.

Current line up?
Me, an old analogue 8 track tape recorder, a computer and lots of assorted gadgets that often need dismantling and soldering to keep going.

Were are you based?
Currently based in Eastbourne, a sleepy seaside suburb on the eastern shores of Wellington Harbour.

Musical history?
I released my first album under the INH pseudonym before I really played in bands. My first band was The Huhu in Wellington (though we didn’t have a name at that stage), I moved to Christchurch for a couple of years and played in a band called Ride on Estrada. I Then moved back to Wellington and rejoined The Huhu where I still play guitar and occasionally sing.

Initially with INH I was trying to create music that sounded like a band because I didn’t actually play in one. Since I’ve been playing in bands it’s been more of a vehicle for the quieter songs and audio experiments that might not really work in the context of a band.

How would you describe your sound?
When people ask me that the word I often come up with is depressing. Not that I’m a depressing guy or anything, I’m just attracted to music that is sombre, atmospheric, slow moving and minimalist. I guess it’s only natural that I create music that is similar.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Grouper, The Mark Lanegan Band, Codeine and the debut album from my friend Ashley’s band The Watanabes.

What were you listening to at high school?
At work we listen to The Rock quite a bit, it is truly amazing how much of the playlist consists of songs I was listening to at high school. During any given week you can almost guarantee you will hear November Rain, I Remember You, No More Tears, Enter Sandman, Hysteria etc etc. I’m all for nostalgia but there’s a lot to be said for a good pair of headphones sometimes

What is your writing/recording process?
Sometimes it’s ‘Pick up guitar, come up with riffs/chords, write some words, record’ other times it’s ‘Write some words, come up with chords, Record’ but then sometimes its ‘steal a sample from a CD I never listen to, add a track of noise I recorded on a Dictaphone a few years ago, throw in some guitars, bass, guitars with effects, more samples then delete everything except a couple of drones which I don’t quite remember how I made.
There’s no set way of doing things and every time I’ve tried a formulaic approach to writing music the results have been dire. I prefer to just muck around and try things until I come across something unexpected.

Your Dream Collaboration?
It takes place inside an old timber house with really high ceilings. In one room Neil Young has his guitar (old black) and one of his vintage amps and he is playing stuff that is similar to the Dead Man soundtrack. He won’t be singing unless he can bring Rusty Kershaw back from the dead and belt out a version of Ambulance Blues. In another room John Cale is playing his Viola. Lou Reed couldn’t make it so Spaceman and Sonic Boom (from Spacemen 3) are filling in on guitar. In the third room Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse) is feeding bits of tape he got from a Virginia barn sale into a Mellotron he borrowed from Tom Waits. All this gets fed into the fourth room where I can capture it all on a couple of old 16 track tape recorders. I get to mix it together, play over the top, whatever I like and none of the other guys are allowed to hear it till we’ve all gone home and it’s mixed, mastered and pressed onto vinyl. Oh, and I might get David Mitchell to do the artwork.

Do you have any releases out or coming out?
Yes, I have a split 7” single which is out on MPLS Ltd which is a small record label based in Minneapolis, USA run by DJ, music enthusiast and all round nice guy Christian Fritz. It’s part of a series called the Super Split Singles. The basic idea is that a local act from Minneapolis is paired up with an act from some other part of the globe. I’ve been paired up with the Self Sound Orchestra who have contributed a great track. My track is called A year without Christmas.

I also have another album which is sooooo close to complete, I’ve been saying that for about a year and a half though. If I can’t actually get it finished this year I should probably find something else to do with my spare time.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learnt musically in the last year?
Running one piece of tape between two tape recorders at the same time is lots of fun.

Where’s your favourite place to play?
At home, when everyone is out and I have the house to myself for a few hours.

Your favourite show so far?
There has only ever been one INH show which I organised for my 30th birthday. I was accompanied by my eight-track reel to reel which was playing multi-track tape loops. I even built a foot controlled switch board so that each track of the tape loop could be turned off and on. It kind of worked but playing all by your lonesome is scary.

If you could share the stage with anyone (person or band) who would it be?
I’d quite like to share a stage with the NZSO, or any orchestra for that matter. My only parameter is that all I would let them play is the tuning up piece they usually do before each performance. When they finally got in tune they’d then have to de-tune, then re-tune etc, etc.

When are you playing next?
No plans for any INH shows just at the moment so probably next time The Huhu plays .....whenever than may be.

The state of music in NZ is...?
I think there is a lot of great music being made in bedrooms, basements, flats, garages etc all over the country, sometimes even in studios too. There is also a whole lot of crap being made all over the country as well. This has probably always been the case and probably always will be so I guess it's situation normal.

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