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Body Corporate - Release debut - Howlaround

Body Corporate - Release debut - Howlaround

Sunday 9th November, 2008 12:00PM

Auckland experimental indie kids the Body Corporate have just released their debut album entitled Howlaround (read review here), and you can catch them playing at the following locations to celebrate.

Auckland - Friday November 14 -The Winchester
with Bengal Lights, the kingsland vinyl appreciation society and Stivvy

Wellington - Saturday November 15 - The Adelaide 
with Captain Sergeant Major and Cougar Cougar Cougar

Full info:
Howlaround is Auckland band Body Corporate’s debut album. After hours of studio toil they’ve come up with an almost entirely live album. A cacophony of styles from heavy instrumental alt rock to drawl vocal lead jam outs to tight indie rippers. Undoubtedly there will be likenesses made to their heros; the legends of Sonic Youth, Bailterspace, The Gordons, HDU, Shellac and Eno. In fact the final album mastering touches were done by Shellac’s own Bob Weston in his new Chicago based studio. Body Corporate are hardly a one-dimensional band with each song on Howlaround is its own unique beast. From the driving sound of the first two singles ‘Bannerman Missive’ and ‘Bubblegum’ to the deep and doomful ‘I Can’t Animate.’ The storming sonic ‘I Was Right After All’ to the jangly ‘Blue Star Line.’ But buried right at the end of the record is the hidden gem, quite different from anything else, ‘Low Song’ is the quiet in the storm.

Forget about CDs, Howlaround is only available on long-playing vinyl, and that’s the way Body Corporate like it. Released through the Kingsland Vinyl Appreciation Society, this isn’t some deliberately difficult and willfully obscure move on their part, but the product of honest assessment about the music industry and what it means to be a working band in this post-record company era. The members of Body Corporate and their credit cards know full well that a vinyl LP represents a real investment in a band, rather than the shoddy cracked jewel cases and ripped and traded CDs populating second hand stores. A weighty slab housed in the sort of intricate artwork only a twelve-inch sleeve can do justice, and packing the sort of punch that only an honest-to-god record can, Howlaround is the first vinyl-only album in New Zealand to come complete with unique download codes in each copy so listeners aren’t forced to take their turntables to the spare room, beach, gymnasium, or anywhere else they’re going to want to turn it up to eleven.

Well-drilled from years of paying their dues on the live scene and keeping bands like HDU, Trans Am, Shocking Pinks and Blam Blam Blam company on stage. They’re band is made up of noiseniks, errant rock maestros, and shifty songwriters. Fiendish vinyl addicts and fans of both listening to and cranking out effects-laden jammage, they cram decades of your favourite bands into the tight winding grooves that make up their recorded output to date; a seven inch released earlier this year, and an appearance on the Kingsland Vinyl Appreciation Society’s A Flip And Two Twisters. That double LP compilation of NZ guitar greats past and present saw The Body Corporate share hi-fi needles with the likes of Shihad, Straitjacket Fits and The Mint Chicks. They now take their predilection for the supposedly archaic medium one step further with the unveiling of Howlaround.


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Body Corporate
Fri 14th Nov 9:00pm
The Winchester, Auckland
Body Corporate
Sat 15th Nov 9:00pm
The Adelaide, Wellington