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Album Review
Ends Run Together

Ends Run Together
by Robert Scott

Flying Nun

Review Date
15th September 2010
Reviewed by
Benny George

The rise of quality New Zealand releases in 2010 continues with the third solo album, “Ends Run Together” by Dunedin songwriter, artist and Clean / Bats member Robert Scott. The album has an instant positive appeal and after several listens still holds true; it’s evolving maturity helps to conjur a delightful album of cohesive but varied songs, ranging from sweet pop jams to lullabies and even finishing the album with an outro of spoken word.

On the desk is Dale Cotton, helping to provide a deeply sonic record, where Scott can flourish as a sparkling gem of a solo artist. Valueable contributions from David Kilgour, Haunted Love singers Rainy and Geva, Don and Ants from Onanon, Lesley Paris on drums and Alan Starrat on strings and Dulcimer accordian (and more), all assist wholeheartedly to make this, the third release from Flying Nun since it’s re-incarnation, the ultimate pop treat.

From moments of kinetic Kraut-pop to folk inspired pop magic, Scott veers towards and away from anything too reminiscent of The Bats or The Clean, even using cosmic effects of experimentalism to branch into his unique territories of songcraft. At times the intricate use of violin, varied string instruments and the harmonious vocals of femme starlets Geva & Rainy really warm this album, while Scott throughout, tunefully sings and strums to his heart’s contentment.

For any aspiring New Zealand musicians wanting to make a good quality pop record, tap into this long player with open minded appreciation, hopefully inspiring novices and veterans alike to hit the record button or left click on a mouse at will.

Ends Run Together takes me to places I need to check into more often.


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