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Album Review
Hasta Que La Soledad Nos Separe

Hasta Que La Soledad Nos Separe
by Ursula

Foehn Records

Review Date
29th April
Reviewed by
Paul Gallagher

Yes, I know this is a release from last year. However, sometimes these things can't be avoided as we neglected folk down here in New Zealand sometimes have to wait for physical copies of records to appear from places such as Sevilla, Spain. For lovers of ambient or slow-core music, there have been some incredible releases in the last few months - a double album from Grouper, and Tim Hecker's incredible offering to name just two of them. And for all the attention those records are receiving, I thought it necessary to ensure that the latest from Ursula was not overlooked.

Gone are the vocals seen in Ursula's previous releases - instead replaced entirely by stripped back almost-classical arrangements and hushed composition, creating diluted aural landscapes of sorts that propel the wandering mind through a milieu of fog and mental amnesia. It's not disorienting as such, but the subtleties of this record make it hard to let it go until you listen to it in its entirety from start to conclusion. 'Summer Insomnia' or 'Insomnio de verano' is by far the stand out with its discordant echo yet mordant message. 'Permanent Reflections' or 'Reflexiones permanentes' is simply stunning in its beauty, reflective of a position already well-occupied by the likes of Stars of the Lid and Eluvium.

There are only six tracks with which to delve into here, so it never becomes as difficult or arduous to endure as some, say, Arvo Part releases can be. And while I will be the first to admit that not everyone will enjoy this - as music on the ambient end of the scale isn't exactly well-followed - I would implore anyone with even the slightest inkling to give it some time to do just that. It's one of the better releases in this vein of soundscape that we've been able to enjoy for some time.