The D4

The D4

About The D4 from Auckland

Dion - guitar, vocals Vaughan - bass
Jimmy - guitar, vocals Beaver - drums

Get ready for the Sake Bomb!!
The new single from The D4 is set for release in New Zealand on CD November can hear the track on radio from the November 18th...the band will be performing NZ/Australia shows across the summer - check the tours page for the confirmed dates...and the band's new long player is coming soon!


Gotta meeting with the head of your record company
Out at a flash restaurant talking business
Then do like the D4 do!

Take a shot of hot SAKE, drop it into a glass of BEER and throw it all back in one swift motion. Repeat.
Before you know it, your drummer will be in the ornamental carp pond trying to tickle the fish, various members of the band will either be naked in the street or trying to leap into the hotel pool from the 2nd storey balcony and your record boss will have grazes on his face from plummeting headfirst down the driveway and into the bushes

What hit you was the SAKE BOMB!

And now, for your listening and dancing pleasure the D4 have compressed those special moments and many more subsequent 'business' meetings across the world into one and a half torrid minutes of SAKE BOMB fury. You know it makes no sense!

Out November 29th on CD through Flying Nun Records and taken from the forthcoming D4 long player. 7" single out January 17th.

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Flying Nun

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