Sharpie Crows

Sharpie Crows

About Sharpie Crows from Auckland

-Sharpie Crows have been called “deranged, loud, and brilliant”; “the
future”; “like a foetal-alcohol Morrissey”; and “drunken shite”.

-Sharpie Crows’ distinctive machine-porn-with-ducks collage posters are
created by guitarist Casey LAtimer, who is legally blind for the
purposes of driving and Internet control.

-A woman once collapsed and started
talking in tongues at a Sharpie Crows show. She later claimed to have
felt the presence of a ghost she called ‘Auld Cabbage Breath’.

-Sharpie Crows wrote and recorded a single, ‘(I Am) Gabriel’, with a
Papakura church youth group, under the name ‘Kids United’. It was
played on both bFM and Radio Rhema and has been added to the Nigerian
Combined Protestant Modern Church Songbook.

-Sharpie Crows’ favourite cut of meat is brisket.

-An attempt to perform a Valve show on horseback was stymied by the
SPCA, who were concerned that loud noise could upset the animals as
well as about possibly inadequate stabling.

-Sharpie Crows have recorded two short albums, the first on defective
equipment that randomly inserted profanity and anti-religious comments.
A third, ‘Swan Boat’, was canned when an astute listener pointed out
that lead single ‘Highway of Life’ was in fact Tom Cochrane’s 1992 hit
‘Life Is A Highway’ played backwards at half-speed.

Associated Labels
Flying Nun

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