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Here's Five: Dave Weir

Here's Five: Dave Weir

Thursday 11th August, 2016 1:54PM

Auckland solo artist Dave Weir will be releasing his debut EP Food For Thought next week. Having heard his two outstanding singles 'Sweet Lily White' and 'She Of The Countryside' we're eagerly awaiting the EP's arrival, which is coming on Friday via Banished From The Universe in conjunction with Prison Tapes. But in the meantime we asked Dave to share with us some of the music that has inspired him in recent times...

1. Mac DeMarco - 'Another One' 
I remember clicking on this number at my neighbour's house when I was living on K Road and being floored by it. It shows the downside of being happy-go-lucky so well, with overtones of "shit, there's nothing I can do, fuck". I think I may have even cried. Poor Mac. Hope he's ok. Sure he's fine.

2. Father John Misty - 'I Love You, Honey Bear'

I've been listening to Father John Misty ever since I went with a friend to see him play the St James Theatre. And they were diabolical. Such beautifully sung harmonies and rock tones! And so goddamn sexy. I made a faux pas that night though, calling out for him to fuck off after he waxed on about being an "iconoclast" for quite some time, instead of counting his band back in he looked round for who said it and I felt like I had assassinated Abe Lincoln... sexy guitar playing Abe Lincoln. I feel bad for heckling, it's something that I NEVER usually do. Especially after realising that he is somewhat of an iconoclast, in his own right.. forgive me for my sins, Father John. Wax on.

3. Fiona Apple - Tidal
I first heard Fiona Apple because she covered 'Across The Universe' and, as one young lady put it to me, I'm a "Beatles Bum Boy". Lately I've been listening to her debut album, Tidal. These songs are dangerous and lavish, with this nostalgic urban soul vibe that says "fuck you, man" all at the same time, haha. Such a cool mixture of hip-hop and rock 'n' roll at times and her ability to write poignant, fatally emotional lyrics and sing them with heart and soul rivals the complexity of the music itself. If you thought Jeff Buckley could sing, listen to Fiona Apple. Headphone listen is rapturous. could definitely get your jazz ballet on to this album too :insert that little two hands raised-in-praise emoji here: (she wrote it at the age of 17!?!).

4. Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - Bavarian Fruit Bread

It's a downcast album but Sandoval's voice is relaxing and all the tones are... warm and relaxing. It's super important to relaaaaaaax. Some vibey rock tunes too. Lsten to this album late at night, get a tingly nose, have a weep, go to sleep.

5.The War On Drugs - 'Under The Pressure'
Pretty fun music that's not super heavy, I don't know... I like Bobby Dylan and kraut-rock so....

Dave Weir 'Food For Thought' EP Release Shows

Thursday 18th August, Wine Cellar, Auckland
Saturday 20th August, Moon, Wellington

Tickets available HERE at UTR


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Thu 18th Aug
The Wine Cellar, Auckland
Sat 20th Aug
MOON, Wellington

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