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Here's Ten: Pickle Darling's Favourite Pickles

Here's Ten: Pickle Darling's Favourite Pickles

Lukas Mayo / Annabel Kean / Wednesday 9th June, 2021 1:54PM

As one would expect, Pickle Darling songwriter Lukas Mayo is a massive fan of pickles, so much so that when asked to give us their five hot picks they went above and beyond: "I remembered it wrong and did 10".

Late last month Mayo unveiled their glorious sophomore album Cosmonaut, which entered the Official Top 20 NZ Album charts and was featured as Bandcamp's Album Of The Day, rightly so. While the celebratory album confetti is still falling, the Pickle Darling band sets off on a nationwide tour from the beginning of July — and if you were wondering what to give them as an album release present, wonder no more! First step, lock in a ticket to your nearest Pickle Darling event. Step two, read up on Lukas Mayo's favourite pickles, from top rated Rugrats to A-grade gherkins...

Pickle Darling’s Cosmonaut Tour

Thursday 1st July - Grainstore Gallery, Oamaru*
Friday 2nd July - Bark, Dunedin*
Saturday 3rd July - Tuatara, Invercargill*
Saturday 10th July - Space Academy, Christchurch*
Thursday 15th July - The Wine Cellar, Auckland*
Friday 16th July - Jam Factory, Tauranga
Saturday 17th July - Nivara Lounge, Hamilton*
Thursday 22nd July - Moon, Wellington*
Friday 23rd July - Snails, Palmerston North*
Saturday 24th July - Paisley Stage, Napier*
Friday 30th July - The Boathouse, Nelson*
Saturday 31st July - The Mussel Inn, Onekaka*

*Tickets available HERE via UTR


10. Delmaine’s Gherkins!
What can I say? It’s a reliable pickle!

9. Tommy Pickles (PS2 - ‘Rugrats: Royal Ransom’ era - 2002)
Very difficult to manoeuvre. So a very unreliable pickle!


8. Pickle Darling (not me!!)

When I’d already set up my Facebook page I’d discovered there was another Pickle Darling in existence. This one is a cat whose owner posts pretty regular updates. It is good content! They have 39 likes on FB which is an injustice.

7. Pickle Surprise (1989)

A very great glittery pickle! Good energy. Make this an NFT.

6. Lou Pickles

Full name: Louis Kalhern “Grandpa Lou” Pickles. A caring grandfather, and the centre of many Rugrats shenanigans! He was born in 1915 which makes him 106 years old, and was depicted to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist in the Boom! Studios comics (which I am not sure if are canon)!

5. McDonalds pickles

Unreal that some people apparently ask for these removed??

4. Tommy Pickles (PS1 - Rugrats: Search For Reptar era - 1998)

One of the scariest games of all time. I have played both of The Last of Us games but neither of them compare to Level 7 of Rugrats: Search for Reptar - ‘Let There Be Light.’ The music in the entire game is so terrifying, I was watching walkthroughs this week of this game and I had to stop cause it was going to give me nightmares. Tommy Pickles however is very brave and courageous through the whole game and it is an honour to play as him!

3. Drew Pickles (‘Rugrats: All Grown Up’ era - 2003)

The brother of Stu Pickles has, according to the Rugrats Wiki, ‘sensitive ligaments’ (revealed in episode ‘Moving Away’ of the original series). I decided on the ‘All Grown Up’ version of his character cause he looks like he’s from Wellington lmao.

2. Stu Pickles (‘Rugrats: Season 2 Episode 22b’)

Stu is afraid of heights and so am I. He conquers his fear to save Tommy in this beautiful diving sequence at the climax of this episode. It’s super inspiring!

1. Sun Harvest - Baby Cucumbers

These are great snacks! Solid bite-sized pickles and a good party treat. Share them with your friends!

Pickle Darling's sophomore album 'Cosmonaut' is out now via ZTapes.


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Pickle Darling - Cosmonaut Tour
Thu 1st Jul 8:00pm
Grainstore Gallery, Oamaru
Pickle Darling - Cosmonaut Tour
Fri 2nd Jul 8:00pm
Bark @ Dog With Two Tails, Dunedin
Pickle Darling - Cosmonaut Tour
Sat 3rd Jul 8:00pm
Tuatara Cafe, Invercargill
Pickle Darling - Cosmonaut Tour
Sat 10th Jul 8:00pm
Space Academy, Christchurch
Pickle Darling - Cosmonaut Tour
Thu 15th Jul 8:00pm
The Wine Cellar, Auckland
Pickle Darling - Cosmonaut Tour
Fri 16th Jul 6:30pm
Jam Factory, Tauranga
Pickle Darling - Cosmonaut Tour
Sat 17th Jul 8:00pm
Nivara Lounge, Hamilton
Pickle Darling - Cosmonaut Tour
Thu 22nd Jul 8:00pm
MOON, Wellington
Pickle Darling - Cosmonaut Tour
Fri 23rd Jul 8:00pm
Snails, Palmerston North
Pickle Darling - Cosmonaut Tour
Sat 24th Jul 8:00pm
Spaceship, Hastings
Pickle Darling - Cosmonaut Tour
Fri 30th Jul 8:00pm
The Boathouse, Nelson
Pickle Darling - Cosmonaut Tour
Sat 31st Jul 8:00pm
Mussel Inn, Onekaka